“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

New faculty members Drs. Blythe Jurewicz and Ilana Halperin

During our Fall Faculty Reception, we welcome new faculty, honor current faculty achievements and recognize those that provide exception service to our school. In doing so, it is a good time for us to reflect upon how our school has obtained its international reputation as a leader in veterinary medical education and scientific discovery. While we recognize only a few deserving individuals during these events, we are reminded that the creativity and energy of our faculty and volunteers drives us to address societal issues, create new and fundamental knowledge, and educate the next generation of veterinarians and scientists.

Dr. Andrew T. Maccabe (left), Chief Executive Officer of the AAVMC, visits with Drs. John Pascoe and Isaac Pessah.

Dr. Helen Raybould is honored this year as the Zoetis Excellence in Research Awardee for her outstanding research clarifying the relationship between diet and the gut microbiome, interactions that have been shown to influence obesity and inflammatory responses. Her research has advanced the understanding of inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic disorders, as well as led to the identification of new targets to treat and prevent obesity.

From left, Drs. Clare Yellowley, Helen Raybould and Verena Affolter

Dr. Clare Yellowley is recognized for excellence in knowledge, skills, and leadership in teaching the histology and cell biology of cartilage, muscle and bone—fundamental courses for both professional DVM and graduate students. Her passion and ability to connect with students as well as her organized lectures are widely acknowledged by her students and colleagues.

Dr. Verena Affolter received the 2017 VMTH Clinical Faculty Excellence Award for her efficient leadership, compassionate approach and in-depth service to the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and clients through the Anatomic Pathology Service. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership that ensures staff, faculty, clinicians, and clients are coordinated in their approach to health care for VMTH animal patients.

Each year we also honor those that have volunteered their time, talent, and effort to advance our mission. Dr. James DeLano is recognized this year for his sustained, stellar contributions to the four-year Professional Skills course in the DVM curriculum. Enlisted as a volunteer in 2010, he has steadfastly contributed his expertise in communication and business practices to our professional students.

Ms. Barbara Kerr, a member of the school’s Dean’s Leadership Council, is also honored for her outstanding service by sharing her knowledge, leadership skills, and passion for program planning and philanthropic initiatives. She has recently accepted the position of volunteer chair for the school’s Veterinary Medical Center Campaign (http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/giving/vmc/index.cfm). In this new role, she will work with the school’s leadership and development team on campaign initiatives and represent the school on the UC Davis Foundation’s Global Campaign Leadership Council, part of the university’s comprehensive campaign.

Dr. Pam Hullinger celebrates with Dr. Gordon Theilen on his new book, “One Medicine War on Cancer.”

This year, we also celebrate our past by featuring a new book, “One Medicine War on Cancer,” written by Dr. Gordon Theilen, one of our first alumni and professor emeritus. Dr. Theilen, a 1955 graduate, developed and led the school’s clinical, academic and teaching program in veterinary oncology, and is a pioneer in retrovirus research. His career spanned more than four decades, as an avid teacher and dedicated researcher, a leader in the field of oncology, and a visionary in comparative medicine. He established the school’s first veterinary clinical oncology service, the foundation for our current comparative oncology program.

All of our honorees serve to inspire us with their creativity and demonstrate how a lifetime of creative effort brings the joy of discovery.