“Long-term career aspirations encompass emotional and intellectual impact of work on society.” —Henry Samueli

First-year DVM student Tiffany Tse conducts research on cat viruses in the Pesavento lab.

When I speak to students about the career opportunities offered by our training and educational programs, I often mention how our work influences the world we all share. Our vision to address societal needs and lead veterinary medicine were illustrated throughout this past month, filled with news stories of our research and discovery, our compassion for those we serve, and the examples of the impact we are making in the world.  We have set this aspirational vision to let the world know how we aspire to bring our knowledge, skills, and passion to our work and through our collective actions.

Dr. Niels Pedersen has researched coronaviruses in cats for more than 50 years.

Work performed by our research scientists, led by Emeritus Professor Niels Pedersen and colleagues, have demonstrated the value of novel treatments against deadly coronavirus in cats. Feline infectious peritonitis is one of several chronic viral infections of cats that resemble those in people, and serves as a naturally occurring model of human coronavirus infections. These same types of treatments are now on the frontlines serving as therapies for human patients suffering from the SARS-CoV2 epidemic.