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Collaboration Required to Solve Global Problems

“Nature is based on harmony. So it says if we want to survive and become more like nature, then we actually have to understand that it’s cooperation versus competition.” —Bruce Lipton

Homo sapiens, the dominant species on planet Earth, has a growing impact on the natural systems that all living species depend upon to exist. The challenges we face are not all regionally defined; they involve global systems to produce safe and sustainable food sources to feed an expanded population, control and prevent infectious trans-boundary diseases, and limit the negative effects of climate change on interlinked ecosystems.

As a result, how we cooperate across geographic, political, and cultural boundaries will determine our collective future. To educate the next generation of healthcare workers capable of addressing societal needs, our approaches to train this workforce must adapt to create professionals that bring together multiple disciplines with knowledge and skills to solve complex problems at the interface of people, animals, and the environments we share.

Lighting the Way into the Future of Veterinary Medicine

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” — George Bernard Shaw

The holiday season marks not only a joyous time to celebrate the past year, but the beginning of a new year with all of its promise and hopes for the future. For UC Davis Veterinary Medicine, the past year has been a mixture of tremendous accomplishments and extreme sadness. We have opened new avenues to understand diseases that impact our society and battled disasters in our backyard. Our teachers inspired a new generation of students and learned from them in the process. The contrasts are striking between the extreme optimism of the next generation we are privileged to teach, and the problems we struggle with on a daily basis.

Our plans are made and then disrupted by the reality of the constantly changing world around us. While our beliefs are strong, we are shaken by the stark reality that our democracy faces unprecedented challenges from those who believe scientific facts are a matter of belief versus sound principles of inquiry. As we look to the future we are reminded how connected the world is and how events are part of an interwoven story that connects us to each other and the natural world.

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